Lamellae Tower

The process of de-lamination in nature is notable for its capability of separate and connect material only where and in the measure which is the most suitable in order to create incredibly light and strong porous structure.

3D Vector Network
The first approximate arrangement of structure has been analyzed in Ansys, with various loads and stresses. From the structural response we gain weak areas and the vectors that suggest where to strengthen the lamellar skeleton. Some vectors show a higher degree of intensity, according to the value of stress.

Minimal Path in Vector Direction
With the vector network we run the second level of de-lamination, which guarantee the elasticity and the lightness of the structure. The code recognizes the minimal path in the direction indicated by the vector, one lamella each vector, each generation adding lamellae according with the intensity of the vector.

Design team: Lorenzo Vianello, Giulia Conti, Huang Shigang, Lin Zhigong
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